Housing For Everyone, Yes in My Backyard

Housing is a human right.

In the past several decades, we’ve seen striking transformation of many neighborhoods of Berkeley, but South Berkeley has not shared in that prosperity. We can make our neighborhood safer, stronger, and more vibrant — with affordable and mixed-income housing around the Adeline Corridor, more small businesses and shops, good lighting, designated safe biking lanes and beautification along the sidewalks.


Police Back on the Beat

Crime in Berkeley.

Crime continues to be a pressing concern for South Berkeley. Too many community members don’t feel safe in their own neighborhood. I support bringing back the beat cops, walking the streets.


A Strong Voice for Women

Violence against women

Equal Pay for Equal Work....there is nothing more that needs to be said. It’s unacceptable that women are being sexually assaulted on and near the U.C. campus.


Paid for by Deborah Matthews 2016 for Berkeley City Council D-3 | FPPC ID # 1383330