A Strong Voice for Women

Violence against women

Equal Pay for Equal Work....there is nothing more that needs to be said. It’s unacceptable that women are being sexually assaulted on and near the U.C. campus.

The U C chancellor recently appointed a new lead to improve the university’s response to sexual harassment and assault. I will work to ensure that our city council is a strong partner with the university to address this important issue. One problem I’m especially concerned with is making sure rape survivors don’t have to suffer more when they report their assault. Too many women remain silent because reporting a rape is difficult and emotionally painful.

It’s not just the campus where we need to make improvements. In our district, in our city, we have unacceptable levels of domestic violence. When you look at mothers with children in abusive situations, there are not enough resources to meet the need.

We must address the issue of human trafficking as well. Young girls who have few options are being picked up and forced to perform sexual acts. (As Los Angeles County Judge Catherine Pratt said, “Let’s be perfectly clear. They are victims. There is simply no such thing as a child prostitute.”)

We must do more direct outreach, and work more closely with Alameda County’s HEAT (Human Exploitation and Trafficking) Unit, a leading organization in tackling human trafficking.

Paid for by Deborah Matthews 2016 for Berkeley City Council D-3 | FPPC ID # 1383330